* I sold my 4Runner in February of 2015 and purchased a 2015 WRX for my new winter toy

My 4Runner pages will be maintained as archive on my site.

...................Supercharged 4Runner:

General TRD Supercharger information (Specs, towing information etc.)

Photos of my installation

Photos as of 9/13/2009 (after 173,900 miles)

1/4 mile dragstrip summary page Updated on 5/30/2004

My 4Runner stereo system for the hearing impaired Updated on 11/6/2011

CENTERFORCE Clutch  Updated on 8/31/2003

ACT Clutch Updated on 5/30/2004

Tire Page Updated on 9/13/2009 

Fuel Delivery and Pulley page  Established on 8/31/2003

My Air/Fuel ratio test results page Updated on 12/13/2004

Limited Slip Differential Established on 12/03/2005

High Definition Videos 1/27/2008