Update, 8/31/2003... The Centerforce Dual Friction clutch does NOT hold the power of my Supercharged 4Runner.

As noted below, I had allowed for proper break in last year. I took the truck to the drag strip this spring and could not believe how bad it slipped from the very first launch. I have confirmed that the clutch was installed correctly, including turning the flywheel to achieve the proper "step" but ... the bottom line is for my application the centerforce DOES NOT WORK...

I am not sure if this is related to the clutch but ... after 10K miles or so, my truck developed a nasty little squeak. This squeak goes away if I engage the release bearing. I suspect it is coming from the stock bearing but won't know for sure until I remove the clutch.



Well .. the clutch has finally let loose. I have always suspected the stock clutch was slipping during hard acceleration. Whenever I took it to the drag strip I could smell clutch slip after each run. This summer, I decided to run the 4Runner at the track after my bike did not perform due to severe tire slip ... I talked the track into letting me make a few passes. I wish I would have noticed that what I thought was tire spinning was actually clutch spinning. Anyway, I will have the new system installed next Friday. I will update the site regarding performance.


The clutch has been installed with no trouble. Centerforce (as most clutch manufactures) require that the clutch plate be given 450 to 500 miles of easy stop and go type driving to allow proper seating of all components. I am 110 miles into this process.


The clutch operation is very smooth, I notice a bit (little bit) of chatter during engagement but it is not objectionable. I will update the page in a couple of weeks (after the break in) to provide details regarding:


Update, April 2003 Well... after miles of breakin... I let loose on the new clutch. My initial feeling is the set up kicks a$$! I am able to aggressively engage the clutch with immediate tire spin and no clutch slippage. Speed shifting into second results in a nice continuation of the immediate tire spin condition that is achived punching it in first gear. Results at the track will really tell how the set up will hold up... WARNING ... see my comments above .. the final testing at the track proves this clutch does not hold up (at least for my application)


Clutch details: The kit comes with: Dual friction disk and centrifugal pressure plate. The throw out bearing must be purchased from TOYOTA. Also, they do not offer a flywheel for the 4Runner, I was able to have my stock FW turned down with no problem. Where to buy? LANE Automotive Inc.


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