4 Runner stereo upgrade (for the hearing impaired)

First of all, lets just say that I enjoy listening to most types of music with one exception... I can't deal with country !  I guess my preferences in priority are:  New Rock, Classic Rock, Some metal, Jazz &  Classical.  If forced to name one favorite it would be Joe Satriani.  I have been installing aftermarket systems in my vehicles for many years, starting with my first car.  My goal is to have a clean installation that flat out rocks !  I am no pro at this game... any the pro's that see my stuff will tell you that but ... I get out of it without spending mega $.., it sounds good to me and that is all that counts.  Most of my equipment is kind of old but I believe if it works well, don't mess with it.

The video below details my system, key components are: PIONEER DEH-7800MP.  The head unit drives a pair of MTX dome-axial full range speakers in the rear doors. I use these only as "filler" I send low level siginal from the head unit to two amps in the rear of the truck. A Rockford Punch 160 feeds a pair of MB Quart seprates mounted in the front door & piller. A PYLE A200 feeds two 12" subs. If I don't want to run the amps I just flip a switch and only run the head unit & "monitors". 





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