Air / Fuel ratio test results and tuning

Vehicle Information

1998 TOYOTA 4Runner

SR5 5 speed manual transmission

TRD Supercharged V6 3.4L

2.2 Pulleyboys pulley (8.8 ~9.5 psi)

Kenne Bell Boost a pump

Stock injectors and fuel pump

TRD Exhaust, no headers

Detroit Truetrac LSD

ACT 6puck clutch

Measurement equipment

INNOVATE MOTORSPORTS LM-1 wide band AFR / Lambda meter.

SCANTOOL ElmScan OBD-II (stock ECU scanner)

COMPAQ Armada 7400 PC (366mhz clunker)

Tuning equipment

Split Second FTC-1 (with the option to force open loop)

My testing and tuning results:

Supercharged, 2.2 Pulley Kenne Bell BAP

Supercharged, 2.2 Pulley, Kenne Bell BAP, Adjusted fuel map

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