As you can see above, TRD has re-designed the supercharger. It is my understanding the new version boasts 5 more HP ! Please contact METRO TOYOTA for more information and GREAT internet pricing !

1998 Supercharged 4Runner
Click on photo (above) for more pictures of my installation !

Toyota Racing Development company offers a Supercharger kit for most 5VZFE 3.4L V-6 powered trucks & 4Runner.  I had the Supercharger installed on my 4Runner and could hardly believe the improvement in performance!  For a total cost of under $3000.00 the dealer (some dealers won't touch the Supercharger) installed and set up everything.  When installed by dealer the factory powertrain warrantee covers everything.  If you are interested in working with a very professional dealer and are not too far from Kalamazoo MI, click here for the METRO TOYOTA webpage.  They are  experienced with the TRD products and very willing to help.  Ask for Paul and tell him I sent you his way !

The only drawbacks to this set up is that you must run high grade premium fuel (a must to minimize spark knock).  The 5 speed manual transmission (I have 5 spd.) vehicles tend to spark knock even with the best premium fuel but I have found that this problem can be controlled by proper selection of drive gear.

The Supercharger makes a bit of gear noise at low RPM but is very hard to detect unless you are listening for it.  Under boost the unit makes a bit more noticeable blower wine (sounds like an old ford that is low on power steering fluid).

Surprisingly, my fuel consumption has not changed dramatically !  The best mileage I achieved without the Supercharger was 21 MPG in the summer time.  For the first 2000 miles of Supercharged operation (when the computer was adjusting) my MPG dropped to around 15.5 but after everything was adjusted I was back up to 20.83 MPG (in cool spring MI temps driving it hard).


I am into MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING and this requires that I tow a 16' HAULMARK enclosed trailer.  The approximate weight including two SUZUKI DRAGBIKES is around 2600 lbs.  I am very happy to report that my first trip using the TRD SUPERCHARGER went very well.  I am satisfied  with how my 4Runner performed during the 600 mile round trip.  I was able to use the cruse control set anywhere from 65 to 75 MPH.  I was able to keep the truck in overdrive (I have 5 speed trans) and not need to down shift even climbing the Michigan hills.   Regarding spark knock, well... it was not an issue.  I ran premium fuel (93 octane) and could not detect any spark knock at all.

With the improved Supercharged performance towing a trailer I guess something had to suffer, and it was the fuel consumption !  With trailer in tow, the 4Runner could only could muster 13MPG and that was on the OHIO flatlands.  In Michigan negotiating hills the MPG dropped to 11.20.  I am not complaining at all... just drop the trailer and the MPG pops up to 20.



11/25/2002 update regarding my installation. To date I have enjoyed 77000 miles of supercharged performance. I am extremely happy with the TRD supercharger and fully expect it to hold together for many more miles.

Regarding reliability, the only pieces and parts I have had to replace on my truck were tires and clutch. I can not blame TOYOTA for these items needing replacement...considering my driving style; Towing, Drag racing (all out sport driving).

For my application, I feel all components in the package (4Runner + Supercharger) work very well together with no other modifications.

Recently, my drive belt(s) have begun to squeal under high RPM. I thought I should consider replacing the supercharger nose gear assembly as others on the net have strongly recommended. NOTE: I have noticed a bit of oil seepage around the nose assembly.

I contacted tech support at Magnacharger to place the order. They informed me that TRD would need to authorize me to purchase the nose assembly. I then contacted TRD tech support and they told me that slight seepage is "normal" and that it was just assembly lube. They said that unless the unit was making more noise than when it was new, not to worry about it.

I decided to ask another source for their opinion so I contacted tech support at Magnuson Products. The gentleman I spoke with informed me that EATON designed this particular unit to go "beyond" 200K miles before the oil needs to be replaced. His opinion was that unless the unit actually drips oil or makes more noise then when new, it should be left alone.

I may be proven wrong some day, but for now I plan to follow the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".


TRD Exhaust installed

I finally decided to install the TRD Exhaust on December 18, 1999 !  I was very leery to add the system due to concerns about too much noise.  I am happy to report the exhaust sounds very nice.  As a matter of fact, it is just a bit louder than stock at idle and conservative acceleration.  When you punch it though, it makes noise and sounds Great !

The installation was very easy, it took around one hour to complete.  One suggestion... If you are installing by yourself, order two metal flange gaskets (pt # 90917-06072 for 96~98 4Runners) because they don't come with the system.  Also, spray the 4 mounting bolts & nuts with some kind of penetrating oil the night before you expect to install the system.

As far as performance gains from the exhaust, I can not tell much of a difference by feel (seat of pants) but will have to test at the track next summer.

Click here to view exhaust photos !

I purchased my system from Conicelli Parts Center Pennsylvania.  They offered the best deal on the system and had everything in stock.  If you call them (1-800-825-7128  ext.5) ask to speak to Steve Kaufman.  They have a nice website on line too.  See the link below.

Performance gains

The Supercharger will produce around 6lbs of boost.  TRD claims HP increase from 183 to 265.  The torque is improved from 220 to 267.  You CAN feel the difference from low RPM all the  way to redline !   One article I read compared the improvement in performance as follows:  Stock 1997 4Runner automatic = 16.9 ET @ 80.8 MPH in the 1/4 mile.  A Supercharged 97 5 speed 4Runner did it in 14.9 @ 90.2 MPH. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY ACTUAL 1/4 MILE DRAGSTRIP RESULTS...

( NOTE: The spec's above pertain to the old design Supercharger)

Special "Thanks" to Ron S. for all of the help & information provided to support this page !

Ron's 1997 Supercharged 4Runner
(Ron's webpage has been deleted)






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