Advanced Clutch Technology



After a lot of time on the phone with representatives from ACT, RAM, CENTERFORCE and F2UNING, I made the decision to try the ACT heavy duty pressure plate and the six puck race disk.


Options are somewhat limited for TOYOTA 4Runner clutch systems. It seems that the packaging constraints limit the ability of the maufactures to produce the super heavy pressure plates (that will hold the power) for the application. For example ACT only offers the heavy-duty pressure plate. I found the same with RAM and as any one running the Supercharger and using the CENTERFORCE duel friction knows ... they turn to smoke the first time you blast full power to them.

Considering the pressure plate limitations, I made my decision to go with the six puck race disk. It is true this disk is not known to be so streetable due to harsh engagement but I had to balance my needs (Everyday High performance no clutch slip driving/towing AND occasional DRAG STRIP USE) with the available products.

I had a nice conversation with a technician at F2UNING company. He had hands on experience with the ACT 6 puck disk as he runs it in all of his cars (race and daily drivers). His opinion: The disk is very streetable and offers some very limited slip go get things going. The disk does take some getting used to but can be mastered for street (including towing). I ordered one on 9/05/2003

The clutch was installed on 10/06/2003 and so far I am happy with the operation. It is not as smooth as the CENTERFORCE or the stock set-up but that is to be expected. Before the install, I did notice there is not very much clutch friction material available to wear away before you hit the rivets, it must be very hard (we will see).

So how does it work??? Well, I broke it in like they said (three hard slips) ... after things cooled off I gave it a test. Needless to say, it hooks up very nicely on the street (so did the CENTERFORCE). The real test will be at the track.

If you are thinking about buying this clutch beware ... it is designed for racing and not generally recommended for the street. You will notice chatter that could shake your fillings / U-Joints / diffie's transmissions out ... (get the point) ... if not controlled by proper clutch engagement style. Also, the clutch is noisy. It howls a bit when hot and you take off gently from a stop. And ... at highway speeds with no load on the transmission you can hear a bit more transmission gear noise. The lack of springs in the ACT friction plate (see photo above as compared to the CENTERFORCE photo) is the cause for the extra noise. ACT site explains in more detail but the bottom line is the springs reduce the strange noises but cause for more chatter so they designed the plate without them.

UPDATE 5/30/2004: This clutch hooks like a banshee... I took the truck to the track on April 23 ... and had no trouble with slipping clutch. The bottom line = This Clutch ROCKS !!!



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