1998 TOYOTA Supercharged 5 speed 4Runner

Test conditions and parameters:

Date: 12/13/2003

Pulley: 2.2 (8.5 ~ 9.5 boost)

Temp: 25 F

Elevation: 750

Kenne Bell BAP set at 40

FTC-1 fuel map (A) set as shown in the chart below

FTC-1 timing map adjusted to minimize spark knock during boost range up to 3K RPM

The data below represents one run from dead stop to around 16 seconds. I experienced lots of tire spin in first gear and had to throttle back to avoid hitting the rev limit.

The chart below shows a hard run through part of fourth gear.


Innovate Motorsports just released the RPM datalogging cable and I installed mine last week. With this cable, I am able to data log AFR in relationship to RPM and elapst time.


As you can see in the chart above, I still go a bit above my target AFR of 12.5/1 for a short time (13.19 AFR for around one second).

Below is the fuel map that was used in the run shown above.

I plan to do more testing... stay tuned...

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