1998 TOYOTA Supercharged 5 speed 4Runner

Test conditions and parameters:

Date: 10/08/2003

Pulley: 2.2 (8.5 ~ 9.5 boost)

Temp: 73F

Elevation: 750

Kenne Bell BAP set at 15

FTC-1 fuel map set at 10 (stock)

FTC-1 timing map adjusted to minimize spark knock during boost range up to 3K RPM

I made one run, shifting at redline through three gears.

Below is first gear. I took off from a dead stop, had mega tire spin (hit the rev limit a few times)

Below is second gear. I ran it to red line

Below is third gear, again running it to red line


The AFR did get a bit lean at the top of first & second but I think hitting the REV limit had something to do with this. Also, my LM1 is only tracking AFR at the moment, the adapter to allow logging of RPM is not available yet. As a result, it is not possible for me to see a direct relationship between the AFR and RPM.

My findings so far still support my feeling that the stock TRD Supercharger kit provides sufficient fuel delivery ... at least for my application. Remember that the results shown above were achieved using the smaller SC pulley... (more boost).

I plan to do more testing... stay tuned...

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