The warm weather in Michigan this summer provided some challenges to my goal of improving the ET on the 4Runner.  I did pay a visit to the strip in July during 88+ degree temps with very high humidity and had trouble mustering better than 15.50 elapse times.

Well... it is much cooler now and on 9/25/99 I made it to the track again !  This trip provided a marked improvement in both ET & MPH! I changed from conventional motor oil to CASTROL Syntec 5W-30 for this trip to the track, that is the only change from last visit. Unfortunately, the track was running one of those $1000.00 payout street car races and many cars were in attendance.  I was only able to make 4 passes all night !  My first race was against a really cool NISSAN 300ZX (non turbo, thank god !) owned by a fellow named Chin.  I was able to cross the finish line .329 before him !  I must admit, he had more horsepower (90.56MPH to my 86.54) but I clearly beat his 15.627 with my 15.463.  The reason:  He could not hook up at all ! lI had absolutely no problem with traction but as you will see below as I  experimented with the launch and improved my 60' times, the ET dropped substantially. xxxxx

xxxxxxxPASS                TEMP                60' TIME                 1/8 ET                 1/4 ET              1/4 MPH

                       1                       60                       2.236                       9.848                   15.463              86.54
                       2                       49                       2.135                       9.724                   15.301              87.21
                       3                       49                       2.227                       9.845                   15.413              87.52
                       4                       49                       2.129                       9.721                   15.281              87.60

As you can see, the 60' time has a very big impact on the ET.  As mentioned above, I had no problem with traction this visit and with each pass I tried to hit it a bit harder to improve the time.  Given more time, I am confident that I could have dropped the 60' time to the 2.050 range.  This could reduce my ET to approximately 15~teens.

All in all it was a very productive trip.  It was worth the $ 15.00 entry fee even considering I could only make 4 passes.  I guess we will see what next year brings.  I am seriously thinking about installing the KB Boost A Pump and TRD exhaust over the winter.