1998 TOYOTA Supercharged 5 speed 4Runner

Dragstrip results !

Test conditions and parameters:

Date: 4/23/2004

Pulley: 2.2 (8.5 ~ 9.5 boost)

Temp: 50~60 F

Elevation: 750

The data below represents three of the five 1/4 mile drag strip runs I made

on 4/23/2004

I did not adjust the fuel map at all. The chart below is what I set up in December of 2003, and it is what I used all night at the track on 4/23.


Run # 2 was made with the BAP set at 30


Run #4 was made with the BAP set at 40


Run #5 was made with the BAP set at 50


In summary: I was very pleased with the performance I achieved at the track. The clutch did not slip and I got the 4Runner in the 14's. The charts above clearly show that I have no problem with fuel delivery. I believe that I can get the MPH higher, the 1/4 mile times lower by fine tuning the fuel map, timing map and BAP (Boost A Pump).

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