STi Video

(High Definition)

Camera / Mount Set up

The Video recordings on my WebPages are made using a Sony HDR-HC7 HD Camera mounted on a tripod which is positioned in the back seat.


General information about my build as of 9/2015

I installed a new Megan cat back on 6/10/12. The video above visualizes the system sound. I am running 24psi on pump fuel in this video.

Ever wonder what a gated up pipe sound like up close... from outside the car ?

FP Red at 20Psi, Ulitimate Racing Gated Up-Pipe, Tial 38mm Wastegate

(Don't forget to use high quality sound system or headphones)

RAW (Axis) Engine, FP Red, Citgo 110 Race Fuel @ 30psi

Launch Control

11.44 @ 123.60 (1.7638 60')

Perrin Equal Length Header vs Stock Header

Ultimate Racing Gated Up-Pipe with Perrin Equal Length Header

12.57 1/4 mile pass

Taking on a modified Mustang

12.60 1/4 mile pass

STi vs Trans-Am

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