The tower site is 978 feet above sea level.


48' ROHN tower installation at the "new site"


The tower base is 6' X 6' and 4' deep. The first two feet of soil was nice and easy to dig, the last two feet were horrible, lots and lots and lots of rock!


Below is a shot of the tower legs and re-rod ready for concrete, truck will arrive on 8/26 AM


The complete tower is up! Below is a shot taken at the top on 9/12/2002.


Below is the view from the top of tower looking to the east


Below is summer view to the Northeast


Late fall view to the Northeast


Beam view to the east



Below is the view from top of tower to the south


Wooosh... looking down from the top...


The beam is a-top... I installed by myself on 9/15/2002 !


Winter Sunset January 2005

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