Performance Engine Rebuild by Me

Winter / 2014~5

My Axis/RAW performance engines worked fine up to 20K miles or so.... at that mileage they would eat oil at a rate of 1~2 QT per 1000 miles. Even when new, these engines would consume a lot of oil.. I believe this was due to the big PTW and ring clearances (knowledge base at the time was to run big clearances).


These days, I am running E85 and considering the current knowledgebase and Cosworth Piston Construction/Material I decided to build an engine designed to run on E85.


I tightened up the PTW and ring end gap with this build... it does not burn any oil between my 1600 mile oil changes.

Build Specs

-New Cases, New OE Crank, Pauter Rods, King XPG bearings, Cosworth 99.5mm 8:2:1 pistons, 10mm OE Oil Pump, ARP Head Studs.

-Main Clearance: 0.0015, Rod Clearance: 0.002, PTW: 0.0026, Ring End Gap (T,M,O): 0.015, 0.018, 0.015.

-Cams: Kelford 276/272, Heads: 1mm OS Valves, SuperTech springs, retainers, Porting by AXIS/RAW Performance

Assorted Build Photos

Start up Video

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