This is how it all started !

Birmingham, AL  WORLD FINALS in 1985.  Scott and I drove to this race just to watch.  At the time Scott had it in his head that some day he would be on the track racing.  I thought it was only a dream...

The track was kind of cut into the top of Mount Olive in AL.  At this race we met Steve Drake & his wife, we still hang out with them at the races today !  The photo on far right, is the late ELMER TRETT (Elmer is on the left side).

Goal: Set a National Record !

After watching the race action in Birmingham I realized that the idea of racing myself could be more than a dream.  At the time I had the GS1100E and was riding it in the street.  Soon after the AL race Scott and I took our street bikes to US131 DRAGWAY, in MARTIN MI.  It was a lot of fun (even though I broke my clutch basket and barley made it back home).  Scott ended up buying a 1984 GS1150ES, his sole reason to buy this bike was to DRAG race !  From the start Scott was running very quick ET & MPH (he only weighed 120LBS & the bike loved it).  During one race up at CENTRAL MI DRAGSTRIP a veteran racer named Vic Force noticed how quick Scott was running.  After some discussion Vic offered to take Scott's 1150 to his shop and perform some minor modifications (installed strut to lower rear end, brake and wheel bearing work to reduce drag etc.)  Our only pay back was to set a national record and include Vic as one of our sponsors !  We decided to go for it and did set the AA/STOCK record for a stock motorcycle in both ET (10.69) & MPH (127) categories.   The pictures below were taken during the time frame that we were going for the record !



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