Axis / RAW Performance Engine Refresh

May / 2010

Well... after 21500 miles on the AXIS / RAW Performance race engine I decided to refresh the build... and improve the performance a bit.

The weekend of April 30, 2010, my sons and I pulled the engine out of the STi. It was running fine and making lots of power when we pulled it. The only issue was a bit of piston slap coming from the driver's side cylinders.

Ryan and I drove the engine down to Columbia IL to visit Ron the owner of Axis / RAW Performance.

Ron and his assistant Shawn disassembled the engine and inspected all parts. They were very pleased with the condition of the engine.

During the refresh, I am having the head work and Pauter rods installed. This should gain me 40 to 60 HP at a given boost level ;-)

My STi is for sale, but I am not in a rush to move it. You can find details by IN THIS LINK

I am documenting the progress of this project through photos and HD video.

The video below is day 1, positioning the STi for engine removal.

The video below is day 2, removing bolt on's and engine components

The video below is day 3, pulling engine

The video below is the trip to Axis / RAW Performance to tear down and inspect the engine

The engine will be ready for install in mid June. In the meantime, we will be cleaning engine components and bay.

Update: 5/22/2010

Ron called to inform me that the head "flow-master" found some slightly bent valves. He was able to machine them to spec but he suggested I replace all of them. I gave the go ahead to install a fresh set of supertech valves. This time, I will use the inconel exhaust valve to help dissipate heat.

FYI... Ron thought the slightly bent valves were caused by using launch control and flat foot shifting. I was very happy with the launch I could achieve using LC but will need to re-consider based on Ron's comments.

Update: 6/19/2010

A couple of schedule conflicts have put my project about two weeks behind schedule. With a very tight recovery plan, I hope to get the engine during the weekend of 6/25/2010.

Ryan and I picked up the engine on 6/26/2010. We took a slight detour to Noblesville IN to see a GREAT concert. Kansas, Styx and Foreigner were playing... what a great time!

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